Treating mum Inner West style

Mother’s day is fast approaching, have you sorted out how you are going to treat your mum this Sunday?

Here are some of my favourite gifts that you can duck out and get before Sunday in our very own Inner West.  Here’s a hint, forward this post to your partner “just in case”.  Blake are you reading this??

A tea package from T Totaler, King Street Newtown, because, well mum needs a break!

Australian made body products to pamper mum at Jim and Jane, Booth Street Annandale.

Article 22 Bangles from Chalk on Stone, Percival Road, Stanmore, where you will surprise her with something special and help Vietnam farmers clear their land.

Let mum sample the best of the Inner West and order her a hamper curated by the lovely ladies at Inner West Made.  

Give mum a total break with a gift voucher from Buddha Bar, King Street Newtown.

Some total delights from Cornersmith, Marrickville and Annandale.

So tell us…. how will you treat your mum this Sunday, Inner West style??


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