Annika 40.jpgWe are local, we love local and we support local. The people and businesses in our area are what add to the very fabric of where we call home, so, we created My Inner West Address to show-off beautiful, creative and cool Inner West homes and local business and the people that live and work in them, because who doesn’t love a bit of house porn?

After living in the Inner West for over 10 years, from newly weds to having a young family, we live in what we consider the most vibrant part of Sydney.   We’re addicted to our local coffee shops, street art and checking out interesting homes and new places to eat.

Blake has over 10 years experience selling real estate and now specialises in selling in our community because of his love of it.  He’s not your usual Real Estate Agent (yep, some good guys do exist). Blake will share advice with you to help you navigate buying or selling your own Inner West Address and is always happy to chat property with you.

I take photos, it’s my hobby and creative outlet.  I also have a business specialising in Marketing and Customer experience, but its way not as fun as this!

We are parents to two young Inner Westies and Scout the sweetheart Lagotto.  Whilst our childhood memories were of climbing trees and setting up cubby houses in the bush theirs will no doubt be of playing cafes at the local park and scooter rides on Sundays.

So please join us on this journey.  We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with what’s on, new and interesting places, beautiful homes because we know you love the Inner West as much as we do and if you have a local home or business you think our readers would love to see do let us know.

Blake and Annika



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