The start of the Camperdown coffee scene

Around 8 years ago, when it came to good coffee Camperdown had little to offer. Camperdown Oval was flanked by a dodgy bowling club (mind you one that we had some pretty fun nights at) and a pretty average hamburger joint.

That was until Tony Galetta saw an opportunity in an empty old shop front and opened what is now Store Espresso in Fowler Street.  The year Store opened it was a pretty big part of our life as we suffered through a year of sleeplessness with our first born.  Our kids refer to this little coffee haven as “Tony’s”.  Tony and his team have always made our family feel at home here and we know so many other locals feel the same about this place.

The best part is, if you don’t feel like sitting inside or at one of the tables, they’ll loan you a rug and serve you over at the park, a great option when our kids were at that age where cafes and kids were a no go zone!

Here’s a look at Tony’s Inner West Address “Store Espresso”


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