Hypmotive – The Inner West’s new creative collective

Have you heard of Hypmotive Hub in Marrickville yet? It’s the newest Inner West Address bringing artists, makers and creators together and making locally made and designed items more accessible to us.

We recently met with Jake and Renee Russo, the creative wisdom behind Hypmotive, to hear more about their start up. They’ve thrown caution to the wind, left their corporate and construction jobs and moved to the Inner West to follow their dreams.

Jake and Renee have created a truly welcoming space where you can shop, meet or simply hang out at the communal table and hear more about the creative people we have living locally. If you’re good, they’ll even make you a cuppa.

We really loved the uniqueness of the products you can find in Hypmotive, but what we loved most was the passion and enthusiasm Renee and Jake have for local creativity. They’ve turned their back on homogenous and are showcasing authentic and original artistry.

When you purchase something from Hypmotive you’ll not only find something unique, you’ll hear the maker’s story behind it, from their inspiration to their craftsmanship. It’s what we think really makes buying from Hypmotive special.

Here’s what Jake and Renee have to say about Hypmotive, the inspiration behind it, and what you can expect if you visit this newest Inner West Address:

Tell us about Hypmotive Hub:  “Hypmotive Hub is a retail and experience provider, specialising in unique design and services in home, interior, fashion, jewellery and lifestyle categories. All of the items, art and services we have on our platform are by local artists, designers, makers and brands. And for the creative community, we are a service provider.”

What was the inspiration behind your business? “We have had so much inspiration for this business! We were inspired by the makers and artists at local markets and surrounding studios in the Inner West and wanted to find out more about their story. This then made us more aware of the incredible art and items they were producing, which inspired us to combine the idea of story telling with a retail platform and make locally made and designed items more accessible to the community.

Japan also was part inspiration. After a trip in 2015, more pieces of the puzzle fell together. We resonated with part of their creative culture; appreciation of process, skilled craftsmanship and quality over quantity. This all came together to form part of our values.”

Why did you think Marrickville was the right place to set up? “We found Marrickville to be a thriving creative community that was community orientated. We could see that the people within the local community have an appreciation for good craftsmanship and the arts.”

What do you love about Marrickville / the Inner West? “There is an eclectic mix of passionate people and a huge variety of food and entertainment at our doorstep. The city is close and public transport is easy.”

Tell us about your local makers and artists.  Where are they from?  Why have you curated these particular artists? “We have makers/artists from around the Inner West, Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, Tempe, Newtown and from around Sydney/New South Wales. We also have brands from Melbourne and artists from Utopia, Northern Territory. Local to us are people living in Australia and we will always have a significant proportion of people being featured in here from around the Inner West.

We curate the space to provide the customer with a good range of products and art, with prices ranging from $6 right up to statement decorative pieces worth a lot more. Our aim is to provide a unique shopping experience that caters for all discerning customers – there is something for everyone at Hypmotive.”

What do you look for in an artist / maker to showcase? “Locally made and or designed here in Australia. We look for creative with a point of difference and originality that is marketable. They need to be passionate about their work and driven to get their work out there. They make good to high quality pieces and tell a unique story.”

What do you hope your business brings to the Inner West that will make Inner Westies fall in love with it? “That we help to make locally made and designed items and art more accessible. We are also open to explore recommendations or ideas people have within the community.

Our place is welcoming to all, plus we have two lovable dogs! What’s there not to love?!”

How can an artist / maker collaborate with you?  What opportunities are there? “There are so many opportunities!

We have developed a Creators Hub online where artists / makers can find out more about retailing with us by requesting an invite to join. We are also building an online advertising directory for Artistic Service Providers and other collaboration ideas, can be emailed to hello@hypmotive.com


Renee and Jake, Hypmotive Hub


Hypmotive Hub showcasing local talented artisans including Light Industrial, Annandale, Hunter Candles, Newtown, Workshop 500 and Kellie Williams Art (bottom left)


Bad Quality Goods, handmade leather goods; Sydney NSW
Bizwacky Designs, handmade jewellery; Miranda NSW
Jake Russo, yamaha xs650, showcasing creative process; mid-build; Marrickville NSW


L: “Yam Dreaming” by the late, legendary Greeny Purvis; Utopia Northern Territory R Top: “Grasshopper” Dave King Art; Orange NSW R Bottom: “Kookaburra” Original Dave King Art; Orange NSW


Metal By Mitch Jewellery; Marrickville NSW


Hunter Candles hand poured in Newtown Lower shelf, products by Artisans Bungalow, Sydney


Linfa Design Products and Paula Formosa Art


Teapots by Nathalie Pastro, local to Marrickville


500 Workshop by Adrian Spano, local to Marrickville


Body products by Artisans Bungalow, Sydney


This is Angus, king of Hypmotive


Resident pup, Juno


Tell us, do you look for that something different and love authentic craftsmanship as much as we do?

Annika and Blake


You can read more about Hypmotive and their services via hypmotive.com or drop in for a shop, chat and a coffee at 155 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.


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