Mrs Underwood sets an intimate night time scene

Over the past year Mrs Underwood in Stanmore Village has become a firm favourite of ours and Bec and the team always welcome locals with a warm smile.

As part of their evolution, Mrs Underwood is now open on Friday evenings. Setting an intimate scene for locals, warm dim lighting, fairy lights adorning the windows, french lounge music in the background and a weekly changing menu to delight the tastebuds

Bec noticed a gap in Stanmore’s evening dining offer and they’ve filled it perfectly. The village already had casual family restaurants and, with Sixpenny, hatted fine dining, Mrs Underwood now offers that something in between. A perfect space to go for date night or to catch up with a friend.

Walking into Mrs Underwood after dark felt like we were being welcomed into their home with familiar faces, dressed up for the occasion, greeting us into the cozy space.

We asked Bec to tell us more about Mrs Underwood’s new night time offer:

You’re a firm fixture in Stanmore’s daytime cafe scene, what motivated you to open Mrs Underwood at night? We’re in a lovely intimate space and at first glance we thought the building’s windows would be so lovely to sit in with a glass of wine or two, it’s a quirky building that is transformed by night.

What inspires your menu? My food is uncomplicated, rustic and represents simplicity. Some of the dishes you’ll find are replicas from my travels, and are mostly peasant. Finding a humble, well made dish of few ingredients from a kitchen that isn’t famous or in guides, to me, is true joy and rekindles the idea of discovery.

Simple fresh seasonal produce of good quality will dictate what you see on each week’s changing menu. For example, figs were a feature last week, grilled and filled with gorgonzola then wrapped in prosciutto with vinocotto. As is eggplant and this was the feature of a dish inspired by moroccan flavours served with mint chilli, yoghurt and pita.

With winter on our doorstep, barramundi and mussel seafood chowder and beef wellington with wild mushroom jus kept diners warm.

I know you put a lot of care into where you source your food, can you tell us more about that? I work with suppliers that source from small growers as with the cafe running during the day, time does not allow me to go direct to the growers but it’s an important value of mine. Joe and Jeff at 2 Fat Butchers do a great job and 2 Providores have solid integrity in their sourcing of cheeses. We have a great relationship where they’ll find me the cheese that is the perfect ripeness, oozy and delectable.

What wine can we expect at Mrs Underwood? I source the wine from the Fesq family who are a 6th generation wine company. I love that they use small vintners. Their forward thinking approach allows small business like us to offer well made, left of centre varietals you can try by the glass with your meal.

What will people experience during an evening at Mrs Underwood? I want people to feel welcome, to feel at home, to enjoy our beautiful space, to try a different wine, wholesome food, some perfectly ripe cheese and good bread, and be reminded of genuine hospitality.

Mrs Underwood at night is currently open on Fridays only and limitations for space means bookings are essential. It’s also available to book as a whole venue. You can book by popping by the cafe, or contacting Mrs Underwood direct. The current limited seating will change when restrictions ease and the long term goal is to see a more casual approach.

We really enjoyed our dining experience at Mrs Underwood and think that it’s exactly what the village we love has needed.

Annika and Blake


Mrs Underwood is located at 16 Douglas Street, Stanmore

For bookings phone: 9569 6656

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