Christmas lunch Inner West style – The 6 most delicious Inner West foods you need to sink your teeth into this year

We really do live in one of the most delectable regions of Sydney.ย  It's fair to say we can blame all those award winning, creative chefs that have made the Inner West home, for the expansion our waist lines and awakening of our taste buds with all of their amazing culinary creations. So this list was pretty hard to refine, but in the essence of keeping it short and simple, here are six (because we couldn't stop at five) of our favourite local Christmas delights you need to quickly order to make your table the envy of all family and friends this Christmas.ย  To make it easy, we've put links to their sites at the end:


Dinner at the Sausage Factory with Chrissy

Dulwich Hill has a new eat spot with locals Jim and Chrissy transforming the old Mick's Meat butchers into a funky little restaurant, serving, you guessed it.... sausages. ย Made on premise, choose from camel to pork shoulder with bacon and maple syrup and everything in between. It's got a great vibe, it's cosy, cool and … Continue reading Dinner at the Sausage Factory with Chrissy